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Ride Details

Larson International, Inc. is proud to offer an innovative and unique ride, the Hubless Ferris Wheel, that will captivate and entertain. As with all our rides, the Hubless Ferris Wheel is designed and manufactured in the USA and is built with safety, affordability, and fast delivery as top priorities.


Utilizing the patented loop-like structure, the Hubless Ferris Wheel is essentially a Ferris wheel with gondolas on both sides of the ride’s structure, providing double the capacity of a traditional Ferris Wheel. Despite its large rider capacity, the Hubless Ferris Wheel still has a relatively small footprint making it ideal for amusement parks and other facilities.


But what sets the Hubless Ferris Wheel apart from other attractions is its versatility. With a unique and open design, it offers plenty of opportunities for customization and features, such as adding a screen in the middle of the structure for a laser show, creating an arched bridge for guests to cross through the ride as they explore the park, or intertwining other attractions through the center of the wheel.


At Larson, we pride ourselves on using proven technology and components to create rides that are not only thrilling but also dependable and long-lasting. The Hubless Ferris Wheel is a great investment that guarantees hours of fun and excitement for park-goers of all ages. It is a perfect addition to any facility looking to offer a unique and eye-catching attraction.


Whether you’re a park owner searching for the next big thing or an architect looking for a custom project centerpiece, the Hubless Ferris Wheel is a must-see attraction. Our team is ready to work with you to quickly get this ride up and running in your park.


Tech Data

THRC: 750
Minimum Ride Requirement: 48” without supervising companions
Footprint: 73’ x 16’
Electrical Requirement: 480V 250A