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Ride Details

As one of the leading manufacturers of amusement park rides in the USA, Larson International, Inc. is thrilled to present the Super Shot drop tower, co-produced with A.R.M., Inc. – a towering structure that provides big thrills while taking up a small footprint. At Larson, we pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing rides that are not just thrilling and exciting, but also affordable, safe, and delivered fast right to your doorstep.

The Super Shot drop tower boasts a round 12-passenger gondola that slowly climbs to the top of the tower before instantly plunging riders at free fall speeds of over 45 mph providing riders with breathtaking, heart-pumping thrills. The gondola is then smoothly captured at the bottom using our state-of-the-art magnetic brake system, ensuring the safety and comfort of all passengers.

At Larson, we understand that amusement park rides need to be visible and eye-catching, and that is why we offer Super Shot with an LED light package making the tower even more stunning and visible at night.  With an integrated on-board lighting system for the vehicle, bystanders can even see the passengers drop at night!  Customize your Super Shot by adding on-board audio or a custom-tailored VR experience!

For Larson, affordability, safety, and fast delivery are essential components of our design and manufacturing process. The Super Shot drop tower is built with US-based design, ensuring that all components are manufactured in the USA. We take pride in our manufacturing process, using high-quality steel tubing that is bolted together in prefabricated sections, making it easy to transport and install in your park.

The Super Shot drop tower has an optional loading platform with entry and exit steps and fencing for easy access of guests. The gondola is equipped with ergonomically designed seats, with an adjustable over-the-shoulder and between-the-legs safety strap restraint system that is padded to ensure passenger comfort throughout the ride.

The Super Shot drop tower’s automatic ride sequence is started by the operator and takes the trolley, with the gondola connected, approximately 60 seconds to reach the top of the tower, triggering complete freefall. The ride is completed with perfect safety and control as the gondola passes over braking fins, decelerated further by self-contained hydraulic cylinders, and comes to rest at the loading platform.

Looking to add a thrilling attraction to your park or facility? The Super Shot drop tower is perfect for amusement parks, water parks, family entertainment centers, and other attractions. Contact us today to learn more about how the Super Shot can fit perfectly in your lineup and to take advantage of Larson International’s commitment to affordability, fast-delivery, safety, and reliability.

Tech Data

THRC: 288
Minimum Ride Requirement: 48”
Footprint: 24’ Diameter
Electrical Requirement: 480V 100A