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Ride Details

Step right up and prepare for takeoff with Larson International’s famous Flying Scooters. A classic ride reinvented by Larson US-based designers and fabricators; our Flying Scooters provides an interactive flying ride that appeals to all ages. It’s the perfect addition to your park, giving guests a family-friendly experience they won’t forget.

After guests board the flying vehicles and are securely in place with high-visibility seatbelts, the ride begins to rotate. Soon they are soaring high above the ground as they fan out over a larger area. But that’s not all – each vehicle has a fixed rear wing and a moveable front wing. That means the riders control the vehicle’s flight. It’s a hands-on experience that delivers freedom, control, and fun!

The Flying Scooters is an absolute crowd-pleaser with its open-air vehicles and thrilling high-speed rotation. With the optional LED light package or custom decor, this ride is an exciting sight that draws attention and can light up the night.

With a proven track record of popularity dating back to the 1940s, the Flying Scooters is a timeless classic, perfect for parks of any size. Larson’s design, 50-year industry experience, and processes assure an affordable price, fast delivery, and low maintenance costs. It’s an excellent choice for drawing crowds and keeping them entertained. 

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to thrill your park guests – add the Flying Scooters to your ride line-up today! 

Tech Data

THRC: 288
Minimum Ride Requirement: 36” with supervising companion, 44” without companion
Footprint: 80 Fence’ Diameter
Electrical Requirement: 480V 50A