Larson International, Inc. track rides are fun for all ages. Jump into the Jalopy Junction or Rock Town and go for a drive. Both rides are heavily themed whether you choose the old time, dented front end Jalopy or the stone age Rock Town. Both of these rides will accommodate adults and children. Let the young ones drive and honk the horns as they encircle the track.


The Jalopy Junction and Rock Town both are favorites for children to drive around the track. Considering the popularity of all driving rides, these two are sure to please.

Jalopy Junction's open top car with spoke wheels and windshields combine nostalgia with cartoon like graphics of a gas pump and garage on the backdrop.
Rock Town has a prehistoric theme featuring covered cars to shield the sun and a backdrop painted with children and friendly looking animals.


Height Requirements: Passengers must be at least 36″ (0.9 m) tall to be allowed to ride without a supervising companion.

Capacity: Four adults or six children per vehicle.


Capacity per ride: 16 adults or 24 children


Operating height: 12½ ft. (3.81m)


Perimeter: 30 ft. x 61 ft. (9.1 m x 18.6 m)


Ride Weight: 11,900 lbs. (5410 kg)


Power Requirements: 60 Amp/240 V/Single phase


Drive: 2 DC direct drive motors with gearbox


Transport Trailer Specifications:

Length: 36 ft. (11 m)

Weight: 11,900 lbs. (5410 kg)

Height: 12 ft. (3.66 m)


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