The Mega Bounce is a ride which is produced by the combined efforts of Larson International, Inc. and A.R.M., Inc. This ride is a high capacity, rotating bounce attraction. Guests load into the bench style vehicles and begin rotation. Once rotation has begun, the computer controlled up and down bouncing patterns begin. Some up/down patterns are opposing, others form a wave pattern, and yet others may raise all the vehicles up and then down in unison. The ride is quick paced with bursts of appealing motions.


Mega Bounce is as fun to watch as it is to ride. Bring this unique ride to your park or carnival today.


Number of Seats: 12

Passenger Capacity: 36

Cycle Time: 3 minutes

Height Restrictions: Passengers must be at least 42″ (1.06 m) tall to be allowed to ride without a supervising companion.



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