One of the most unique rides Larson International, Inc. has to offer is the patented Hubless Wheel. This ride utilizes the 22M Giant Loop structure along with the Star Dancer gondolas to create a one of a kind Ferris Wheel. With gondolas on each side of the structure the Hubless Wheel has twice the capacity of the same size traditional Ferris Wheel. With a small footprint and a huge hourly capacity this attraction still has a few surprises. Why not put a screen in the middle of the structure and have a laser show? What about a arched bridge for guests to cross through the ride or load in the “subway” under the bridge?


The Hubless Wheel is such a unique ride which uses proven technology and components, it’s sure to be a good investment for your facility.

Photos courtesy of Oxford Properties Group


The Giant 22-Meter Hubless Ferris Wheel is a unique attraction that combines the technology of today’s high speed roller coasters with the nostalgia of a traditional Ferris wheel.

The ride consists of two continuous and concentric rings, one fixed and one rotating. The fixed ring forms the track and supports the ride. The rotating ring is the passenger carrying system.

The dual concentric rings, one rotating within the other, forms the hubless wheel structure. This unique design allows the ride to operate like a Ferris wheel but with no visible means of support.

Height Requirements:

Passengers must be at least 48″ (1.22 m) tall to be allowed to ride without a supervising companion.

Potential Theming

The Hubless Wheel is particularly suited for custom theming because the center is hubless and spokeless. Therefore, the center section of the hubless wheel may be a fixed sign, logo, projection screen, etc…

The hubless wheel would also make an excellent entrance to an amusement park by constructing a bridge through the center of the wheel.

Roller coasters could be routed through the center of the hubless wheel for added excitement.

Unique Design Concepts

The Giant 22-Meter Hubless Wheel has a main track structure with a truss-like design allowing for additional stability, given its size. The truss structure can be capped for a more traditional loop appearance if so desired. The gondolas travel on both sides outside the patented ring, doubling the capacity.

Larson’s existing loop structures are a solid track structure and the vehicles travel within the ring. Both of these designs utilize the same “inertia ring” design for propelling the vehicles or gondolas.

Changing the way the vehicles attach to the inertia ring, attaching different vehicles, and changing the overall size of the loop, Larson International has great flexibility on the type of attraction that may be offered.

The gondolas used for the hubless wheel are the very same gondolas used on our existing Star Dancer attraction.


Power Requirements: 480V 250Amps

Width: 16 feet (4.8m)

Length: 73 feet (22 m)

Height: 77 feet (23.5m)

Speed: Variable

Capacity: 96 passengers




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