Ride manufacturer RMC merging with Larson International

Major ride manufacturer Rocky Mountain Construction has merged with Larson International to create what both companies say will be “a powerhouse in the amusement industry.”

What You Need To Know

 Rocky Mountain Construction merges with Larson International
 The combined company will be led by RMC President and CEO Darren Torr
 RMC is known for its coasters; it recently worked on Busch Gardens’ Iron Gwazi
Larson has built family-style amusement rides like the Tilt-A-Whirl

“The new organization will provide a comprehensive portfolio of thrill and family rides,” the companies said in a press release Tuesday. “The companies will combine engineering R&D efforts to drive innovation.”

As part of the merger, RMC President and Chief Executive Officer Darren Torr will oversee the combined company, while Larson President Jeff Novotny will retire.

RMC, founded in 2001, is known for its coasters. The company recently converted Busch Gardens Tampa Bay’s wooden Gwazi coaster into the wood/steel hybrid Iron Gwazi, which opened last year. Larson, which began in 1967 manufacturing farming equipment, is known for building family-style amusement rides, including the Tilt-A-Whirl and the Giant Loop.

Prior to the merger, the companies have collaborated on multiple projects for several years.

“I am excited to bring together these two incredible organizations,” Torr said in a statement. “Our values are closely aligned, and I look forward to future success by putting out incredible rides, providing a great value, and treating our customers and crew members like family.”

RMC will continue to operate out of its headquarters in Idaho, and Larson will do the same from its headquarters in Texas. The company said no staffing changes are planned.

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