The Larson International, Inc. Flying Scooters™ is a classic re-introduction of an interactive flying ride which appeals to all ages. The guests board the flying vehicles and the ride begins to rotate faster and faster fanning out over a large area. Each vehicle has a stationary rear wing and a moveable front wing which allows the guest to control the flight of the vehicle. The Flying Scooters™ is appealing with its open air vehicles and high speed rotation. Add an LED light package to draw attention for the night time flyers and you have an eye catching ride screaming with excitement.
With proven popularity dating back to the 1940’s the Flying Scooters™ is a perfect ride for large or small parks. Soar to new heights by adding this timeless classic.


Height Requirement: No one under 36″ (0.9 m) tall will be allowed to ride. Passengers must be at least 44″ (1.12 m) tall to be allowed to ride without a supervising companion.


Highly visible, international orange seat belts

Operator’s presence switches at console

Redundant safety cables on vehicle suspension


Meets the most stringent zone 4 seismic requirements

All electric drive

Eight thrilling, interactive, maneuverable vehicles


Fabrication meets UBC and BOCA requirements utilizing all AWS certified welding

Vehicles are equipped with padding on seat bottom, back and sides for comfort

Maximum Passenger Capacity: 16 (2720 lbs)

Number of interactive Flying Vehicles: 8

Minimum Passenger Height: 44 inches (1.12 m) unaccompanied by chaperone

36 inches (0.9 m) accompanied by chaperone

Passenger Loading: All seats simultaneously

Maximum Wind Speed: 35 MPH operating – 120 MPH Static

Power Requirements: 100 Amp/480 V/3Phase/60Hz

Ride Dimensions: Clearance Height: 27′ (8.23 m)

Max Operating Diameter: 85′ (25.9 m)


FS - SALES OP (10-7-20) FS - SALES NOP (10-7-20)

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