The Ships Ahoy is the Larson International, Inc. interactive spin ride with a child friendly pirate theme. Guests are welcomed onto the attraction with friendly pirate voices and music. Once the ride begins, the entire structure rotates and guests can begin spinning each vehicle independent of one another. The faster you spin the more dizzying the views become. The ride finally comes to a stop and guests see if they can walk straight after exiting the ride.


The Ships Ahoy is a children’s ride which easily accommodates adults as well. With its interactive spinning action and professional pirate sound system, it is already a proven winner.


Height Restrictions: Passengers must be at least 36″ (0.9 m) tall to be allowed to ride without a supervising companion.

Trailer Data:

Length: 32 ft. (9.7 m) 

Width: 8 ft. (2.44 m)

Height: 8 ft. 11 in. (2.72 m)

Weight: 9,560 lbs. (4345.5 kg)



(Fence to Fence) 34′ (10.37m) or 908 sq. ft. (84.35 sq/m)


(Ride only) 24′ 6″ (7.47m) or 472 sq. ft. (43.8 sq/m)



Four adults or six children per Spin Ride vehicle.

800 lbs (363 kg) maximum weight per Spin Ride vehicle.



Quartz area lighting. Incandescent back-lit logo sign is surrounded by coordinating LED lights.



Recommended ride duration 1½ minutes

Automatic electric brakes for loading and unloading.

Operator locking doors. Spring loaded steps.


Power Requirements:

30 Amp/240 V/Three Phase


Direct Drive Gear Box:

Fluid clutch start up

2hp electric motor


Transport Trailer:

Standard 2 5/16″ ball. Electric brakes. Spare tire. Electric winch.

Storage for lights, fence, cords & fence racking.






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