The Kiddie Star Dancer is a towering children’s ride created by Larson International, Inc. This unique telescoping tower ride allows the parents and children to ride together in the themed vehicles. Themes include animated seagulls, F-14 planes and even bumble bee and flying elephants. Guests load into the animated vehicles and begin rising into the air. Once airborne, the vehicles begin to rotate up to the top of the tower, dwell at the top for a brief time and slowly lower.


Jump aboard the Kiddie Star Dancer and tower above your children’s area.


  • A custom theme to meet individual needs

  • Optional tower heights

  • Seat arrangements for handicapped patrons

  • Optional voltages or frequencies

  • Custom lighting packages available


Larson International Inc. introduces the new KIDDIE STAR DANCER RIDE. This new children’s ride is for all ages, from the young to the young at heart.


Operating on a fully automatic cycle, KIDDIE STAR DANCER’S unique telescoping outer tower quietly begins to rise, with the carousel ring rising on the tower at twice the speed of the tower. The carousel ring rises and begins to rotate, continuing up the tower until reaching its maximum height, where the ring continues to rotate. This dwell time can be adjusted from 10 seconds to 3 minutes before the ride starts down. While at the top, passengers have an unobstructed, panoramic view of your facilities. KIDDIE STAR DANCER’S unique quietness makes it a good neighbor in any environment.


KIDDIE STAR DANCER has a capacity of 20 to 30 passengers per load and offers one-stop loading. Even with our fighter birds circling like vultures there is no need for passenger restraints due to the unique fighter canopy. Patrons and parents are secure once nested inside the fighter bird. Come take a ride while the fighter birds wait for you on the tarmac with canopies up, ready for pilots. So, jump aboard and let KIDDIE STAR DANCER tower above your children’s area.



Vehicle Capacity: 5

Height Restriction: None

Number of Vehicles: 6


Height Requirement: All children are welcome to ride (no height restriction).

Ride Specifications

Incoming Power: 75 Amps/240 V/60 Hz



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